Jose Rivera, Investigator

Additional Information

Mr. Rivera is well known for his integrity, persistence, and results. He  is the owner of Axiom Professional Services, a full-service, private investigator network that is dedicated to providing clients with the best professional investigation services. 

Mr. Rivera began his career more than 9 years ago when he completed and graduated from El Camino College Police Academy and received certification in POST (Peace Officer Basic Training). Throughout the years, Mr. Rivera has received various certifications in:
-Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council
-Uncovering Reasonable Doubt
-Criminal Defense Investigation
-The Component Method
-Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation

Within the Law Office of Jesse A. Arana, Mr. Rivera assists in conducting an independent investigation surrounding client's matters, helping uncover exonerating evidence. Such tactic helps client's obtain positive results, including, at times, an outright dismissal.