DUI, Felony, Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Warrant, Restraining Order, Criminal Defense, LA, OC

Esteban P., Former Client

"I highly recommend anyone to seek legal representation from Jesse Arana. I was highly impressed with his work ethic. He will put up a fight in your defense. This is my second DUI and made the right choice by having him represent me. The court system as we know is no joke. He is straight forward in all aspects and will not sugar coat any case like most law firms do to bleed you dry. I felt very comfortable during the process. Not that I needed to be told I made a great choice by hiring him, but the CHP officer who arrested me shit his pants by Mr. Aranas interrogation. The officer himself told me that he is the first lawyer who made him sweat. That itself speaks volume."

Nickolas N., Former Client

"Jesse Arana is hands down one of the best lawyers to ever grace the ground of this earth. I was lucky enough to have him by my side throughout the entire legal proceedings of my unique case.

I am a military veteran with deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and found myself in a legal situation because of my reactions brought on from my PTSD and depression disorder. I was facing some pretty serious charges at the time and Jesse was able to manage to get my entire charges diverted to the Military Diversion program, an opportunity that I did not even know existed.

Jesse treated me like a real friend. From the day I stepped into his office, he listened, evaluated the circumstances, was able to offer help and ultimately rode the entire process out by representing me in a court of law to the utmost degree a lawyer possibly could.

Not only did Jesse help me in the courtroom, but Jesse helped me get my life back on track by seeking help through the Veterans Affair offices, advising me on obtaining treatment services, and also guiding me to seek a VA claim, a move that ultimately helped me receive 80% compensation from the Federal Government for my contributions to war.

Jesse is an amazing person, lawyer, father, friend, and all around great person. If you are looking for a lawyer, you do not need to look any further as I can PROMISE you Jesse Arana is the lawyer that you NEED."

Michael R., Former Client

"Being able to have Jesse Arana as my attorney was great. He is a diligent worker and truly cares for his clients. His professionalism and experience showed when taking the case. What ever questions I had, he made sure he had the right answer and he always found the best possible solution. He was always on time and I truly felt defended. If you need a committed attorney then Jesse Arana is the one."

Pablo P., Former Client

"My run in with Jesse happened December of 2018. Just a few days into the month I got busted for driving under the influence. Luckily I found Jesse because he was able to get my DUI reduced to a wet reckless misdemeanor. Jesse was very helpful throughout my case, always keeping me up to date and answering all of my questions and doubts. His paralegal, Brenda, is the sweetest and very helpful answering any of my questions and always getting me back to me.
I've gotta say, I'm extremely pleased with the way Jesse handled it all. He is very knowledgeable in his field and will do anything in his power to get you the best outcome. Incase anything were to ever happen again, I know who I'm contacting! Not just that, Jesse's name will be the first lawyer I recommend to anyone in need of one.
Again, thank you for everything Jesse! You are the best and I'm extremely thankful for what you've done in my case. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer and I wish you the best of success! Thank you!"

Viridiana H., Former Client

"The first thing I had to do was act quick in finding an attorney. I called places and spoke to people but none that made me feel comfortable or that didn't make me feel they just wanted my money. Then j came across Jesse. From the initial consultation I felt a little more at ease knowing there was some solution. Months later I still stand by this and couldn't have made a better selection that Jesse. He is professional, well informed and made my case process so much more smoother. I would recommend him to anyone. Keep up the great work Jesse we need more like you in your line."

Albany L., Former Client

"Best criminal defense lawyer you will find, jessie is the one to call, no one else compares. Jessie is well informed on everything there is to know on laws and help you get out of a tight spot. I went to many lawyers around LA area but wasnt sure by the way they talked or acted on my case. Jessie was my 7th lawyer I was visiting to get a consultation, instantly I knew this is the lawyer I need to defend me on my case. He listened to detail, explained what strategies we could use and always informed me every step of the way about my case. There was never a time when I was unsure of what to do or where I was scared of what might happen next. Jessie ensured me that I was in safe hands, and best believe that I was, DIDN'T have to do ANY jail time. If I'm once again in a tight spot and hopefully not, I'll be sure to visit Jessie's office. I will HIGHLY reccomend him to anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer. I have much respect for jessie and brenda, thanks so much for everything!"

Spiro D., Former Client

"I am so glad I reached out to Jesse to handle my legal issue.  He was absolutely great throughout the entire process.  Jesse excelled in every aspect, from fair & honest pricing to keeping me in the loop along the whole process and to getting the job done right.
I would recommend him to anybody.
Thank you Jesse."

Perla G., Former Client

"I am forever grateful for what Jesse did to help me on my case. He was very knowledgeable but very kind and made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way. He was understanding and every you can ask for in a lawyer. I appreciate everything he did to help me get out of the mess I was in and you can tell he was genuine about his work. I felt safe in his hands and I'm so happy with the outcome I got because of him. He made sure I didn't worry about anything, that I just got back to living my life and that he would take care of everything and he did! While informing me every step of the way! His assistant, Brenda was too is very very nice. They weren't rude at all and she was very polite and friendly which is nice when you're stressed out about your case. I'm so glad I had the privilege to have Jesse work on my case. Thank you so much to him and his team."

Edith P., Former Client

"Reliable, expert in his field, trustworthy and comes to you with the truth regarding your case.  Mr. Arana will always call you back in a timely manner and is very polite.  Good communication skills, always let me know what was going on with my case and then emailed me copies of all documents I needed.  Always called me after court to update me with information.  Mr. Arana is also very analytical and does his research.  His excellent people skills makes it very easy and comfortable to speak to him.  Mr. Arana will fight for you and help you all the way through.  You will always be in the know about your case and that to me makes him a great lawyer.  Thank you for all your help.  Your dependability and availability puts my mind at ease."